November 16, 2012

Nifty Thrity . . .

Went back to Healthy Baby once Vince got home from work and picked up a premium osocozy to give it a go and see if I like it any at all. I also picked up a shorty for RJ, and a wool skort for Belle. I think I will go to target and look for some socks to make leggies to match it so her legs will be warm, may do the same for RJ. Funny the shorties I picked for RJ match the skort, probably made from the same sweater.

Then I hit the Goodwill, I didn't have much time there cause I got there 5 minutes before closing. But, I still came home with some good deals. RJ needed long sleeve winter shirts, they didn't have many in the time I had to look, but I was still able to get him some from Gymboree and Children's place. And one cord suit jacket for meetings. I happened upon the cutest little red coat for Belle as well. It was clearly from the 50's or 60's but in excellent condition, and has little white puff balls on the ends of the ties. A cute shell button in the back. It's from Millicent's of San Francisco. It is just so stinking cute! Then I hurried to the sweaters, and was able to get two wool sweaters. One in baby blue that will be darling. And another in white, but it is 100 percent lambs wool and is so yummy cushy soft! They had one more that was black with flecks but I didn't get it cause the sleeves would make bell bottoms, but now I am thinking maybe I should of gotten it. I don't know. But, I'm super excited. I'm going to start felting them tonight, and by next week, I'm going to have some of my very own long woolies made, for RJ and Belle. Hopefully it will be as easy as I think it will. I am going to go to Needle Nook tomorrow to pick up some elastic and have Anne do the math for me on how much elastic to use for their waist measurements. I may end up at the sewing machine store and getting a overcasting foot as well.

Right now I'm lanolising the Sugar Bee's I got today for RJ and Belle. They smell heavenly!

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