October 11, 2012

We Love Calvert. . .

Calvert just keeps getting better and better. Received another huge box from them today, with lots of fun learning aids. Lela was so excited. Thankfully I bought yet another shelving unit last week other wise we wouldn't have any where to put every thing. Funny thing is I went to Sam's to buy another one like we already bought and they were out of stock and not getting any more. I went from store to store to store, and finally found some like them at Menard's. However it was only the display that they had left. I kept asking the price and they couldn't find the price. Finally they said 50 dollars cause they couldn't find a price. I bargained them down to 44, cause I said that I had bought some like them except for they were brown instead of black and I only paid 37 at Sam's. Any way, they went down to 44. I got them home, and oops, they are like three times the size I got at Sam's. So huge score for me! And boy do I need the extra storage space as well with all these books and aids! I also bought some things from Highlights, (the children's magazine), just love their stuff. Funny thing about that, is I bought only 14 dollars worth of merchandise, and they sent me 20 dollars worth of "free" gifts! haha I am really excited to use the things I bought. I bought a book on creating "learning centers", a book on teaching Cursive Writing just in case Calvert decides not to since it seems most schools are no longer teaching it. And a package of these little writing aids that helps kids read, and write. It keeps them on the line they are reading when they use it to read. And helps them put the right size space between words when they are writing. I am hoping it will help Lela cause she has been working on the spacing. Then they sent me thousands, literally thousands!, of stickers for free. It was funny cause the UPS guy had to bring 4 packages today. When Vince got home he said so did UPS have 1 package or 2. I said four! haha He was like four? I do though wish the school would give us a heads up when they are sending big packages. I was totally not expecting it at all.

Any way, been having lots of fun with Calvert. And going to the MVPS group pumpkin patch field trip. Since last time we were there the food lady was really slow and the concession stand food wasn't even warm (and it should of been!) we are going to take our own food this time. I think I'm going to make beef noodle soup, cause it's one of Lela's favorites. And bring corn bread crackers, all the kids love those. Apple cider, and maybe apple fritters, will have to see. Julie is taking us. And I will be meeting up with my step brother Mark, his wife Cheyanne, and their daughter Lily.

Went to my LLL meeting tonight. Haven't been in a month and it seemed like forever. So glad I got to go back. One of the leaders daughter's just had her first baby. Only 13 days ago. She is a really sweet leader so we are wishing her daughter the best. This same daughter was there for RJ's birth and was really nice and helpful with RJ as well.

And now last but certainly not least, I am finally completely and utterly caught up on laundry, for the first time in our marriage. I want to shout from the rooftops how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my own washing machine! It makes keeping up with the laundry so much easier! I love it! 


bella said...

So glad Calvert is working out so well. They are good and your child will receive an excellent education thru them. Also they have been around a long time, and since their back ground is Lutheran they are religion friendly. I think they were out of Baltimore, MD. When we used them,( 20 years ago) I always knew what package was coming because I had to order and pay for everything first before it was sent.

sounds like things have changed.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

We just love it.

I think Calvert is over 100 years old, so it's very very good.

They still have regular Calvert, where you pay for every thing and it's like private home school. But, we are doing what is called MVPS in the state of Kansas-Maize (that's the school district that is the host district for Kansas) Virtual Preparatory School. It's through Kansas public school system. We just pay 75 dollars, and then I guess Kansas pays the rest, and we get every thing from calvert. With exception of our teachers. Kansas provides our check in teacher (or what Calvert would call the ATS teacher).

But, people not doing the virtual thing, and still doing the private way it is the same.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

oh and I still plan on buying some extra stuff from them. As the school district only provides the basic cirr. Not any of the enrichment. I'm going to buy some of the enrichment, like the music, the dictionary/thesaurus cirr, etc etc, to add to our cirr. The basic is great, but since we are doing through the school, even though calvert lets us take the whole year, our district only gives us the teacher for the "public school year". And I want to home school year around. It's easy enough we will get through on time to be done by the end of the public school year, but I can keep going with the enrichments through the summer.

Midcentury Delights said...

They don't teach cursive in school anymore??? I had no idea.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

nope Cursive is no longer part of the cirr of most schools today. or about 10 or more years now. Ever since the no child left behind laws, they don't "test" cursive writing, for those laws so it's left completely out, as teachers don't have time for it, and they figure most people use the pc today any way. However, when it's time for these kids to sign their names for contracts, checks, credit cards etc, they don't even know how to write their own names in cursive now! Nor can they read cursive. I have nieces and nephews who completely don't know these things! It's really really sad. One of the many reasons we are homeschooling. So many "life skills" are being left out today.