September 20, 2012

Maybe Turkey . . .

 Well we are on the second week of kindergarten for Lela and it is going awesome. We are really liking the curriculum. And having a ton of fun. Lela's teacher is also really nice, and helpful. We just can't believe how much Calvert and stuff into one small box! Thank goodness we bought a shelving unit just for the curriculum.

Lela said the funniest thing in school the other day while I was reading the My Book of Bible Stories. I was reading the story about Noah, and then got to the questions. I asked what was Noah's sons names, she said she didn't remember. I said, one's name was Ham, and then she said maybe one's name was

Lela also lost her second tooth last night. She is growing up I tell ya!

We still have a lot left to do in our old apartment, cleaning it up and getting odds and ends still moved over. But, at least we are living in our new home, and really like it so far. I'll be glad when we are finally finished though so we can just relax and do more things on the weekends, since Vince's job is such long hours we don't get much other things to do together yet.

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