September 26, 2012

I am finally going to get to see the Lion King. My dad called me last night and asked me if I was ready for the Lion King thing. And I said what Lion King thing, then he informed me he had bought tickets for Lela and I to see the Lion King tonight! would of been nice to have more notice. lol But, all the same I am sooo sooo excited. I have been wanting to see it for years, and it was a awesome surprise to find out I finally get to see it. And Lela was really wanting to see it too, so it will be great for her too!

School is going awesome for Lela. We had our first audit and teacher parent conference and both went very well.  We'll be going to Walters Pumpkin Patch on Friday and maybe again in October, both field trips with the local school. I hope to see some from our old hall there. So we can see them more again.

We went to the La Leche League Brunch Saturday morning. And every one including me brought a quiche. I knew it, I should of brought a salad! I bought grapes to take and then forgot them! haha But, as we were leaving a nice young couple asked us what we would be doing in the afternoon. I said packing and moving more stuff to our new home. They asked if we would like free tickets to the Renaissance Fair, of course we would! So we ended up going Sunday afternoon and had a great time. We got the kids faces painted up, and let them go in the bouncy house. I had their snoods from the spring fair, and such as that for them to wear too. Next spring I want us all to have our costumes made I'm hoping! Belle and Lela both wanted these nylon butterflies on sticks, but they were cheaply made, and I'm pretty sure I can make some really nice ones for just a few more dollars then the cheap ones at the fair, so also hoping in one of our Art classes for school I'll make them those as well before the spring fair. We had really yummy roasted corn, and cheesecake on a stick, but of course they were out of turkey legs again really really early. You would think they would over buy and just sell cheap the last hour instead of running our before noon when the fair goes all afternoon long, till the evening.

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