May 13, 2005

It's been forever again.

We went to the mall. But, there wasn't anything there this time. They had upped the prices of the same things, I had bought there before. So we just walked around.

We got our pics taken, and I think they are my favorite ones yet. We went to Sears, they did much better then Wal-mart. haha

We also went to Dlife TV. It was so so so good. I loved it. It was just a ton of fun! I will definitely be going back, but I am going to all the tapings next time, not just two. They gave us really good food, and were really nice to us. And gave us a big goody bag to take home, with bracelets, and mirrors, a pedometer, and all kinds of things in it.

I also met Luther Vandross personal assistant who has a foundation for diabetics he has started called DiVabetics, which is a ton of fun! So I met with him a couple of days ago again in the lower west side. And I got a tee shirt from him, and he is putting my story on his site. And he asked me to help volunteer at the Diabetic Health Fair at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. So that's going to be fun, I think!

Also May 5th, was my 2 year health anniversary. And I was very proud of that. I bought the tee shirt for myself, a new flowering plant-hydrangea, and sugar free fat free black berry yogurt! So I had a good day on my anniversary! :) I know I will see, a 3rd, 4th, 10th, and so on! :)

I also started a new yahoo group, for Jehovah's Witnesses, with Diabetes, Prediabetes, or Hypoglycemia, and their family, friends and care givers. :) It's at
Please join us, if you qualify, and also invite friends, and family! :) I think it is going to be very helpful, and supportive. So far it's going really well. It's only 4 days old though. lol :)

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