April 23, 2005

I wish I would update this more, and I am sure all of you do too! lol

I found this great mall, The Palisades, last month when we went to Patterson, but I just went there to get tea. I didn't have time to really look around, other wise we would have been stuck in hours long traffic coming home. But, then we went back on Vince's 4 day weekend with his mother. I got clothes at a regular store, NOT plus size! And I wasn't having to wear their largest sizes either! They had major clearance! I got a sweater, with a real rabbit fur stole for 9 dollars, a faux fur jacket for 6, a sheer shawl with sequins for 4, a shell with bugle beads, and sequins and a cute collar for 4, and a victorian silk blouse for 5. A skirt I paid regular price for to wear with the above to meeting for 20. Any way.... very cute, and updated, and best yet they fit and they were only mediums and larges!

Any way we are going back there tomorrow I hope I find some more good deals!

Today, we are going to a diabetic fair. I hope it's fun, they are supposed to give me education on diabetes, as well as free stuff for diabetes. So I am hoping that is nice. It sounded like fun.

Monday we are going to get our pictures taken finally!

And May 3rd, I am going to a taping of DLife tv. It's a diabetic tv show, that is taped here in NYC. It is hosted by J. Anthony Brown-a comedian, Mother Love, the former Miss America who has diabetes and another actor with diabetes. They said they may feature me in the show. But, at the very least I will be in the audience, and it's supposed to be a lot of fun. They do all kinds of things to cater to the needs of the diabetics in the audience, and like to use them as guest too. So that will be fun if they use me as a guest about my diabetes. They sounded like they will, because I have MODY-Mature Onset Diabetes of the Young, or 1.5 which is kind of unusual. And I have been able to completely control it with diet and exercise. I will be getting off insulin this month! My last HA1C was only 5.1(should be 6 to 7), and my fasting sugar was 61 (should be 80-120). So both are way low, indicating on paper I am no longer a diabetic.

Any way, I found some new noodles that are sooo good, I have been eating them nearly every day! lol They are called Tofu Shirtaki noodles, they are in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods, by the tofu, and taste just like pasta, but only a fraction of the calories. Only 40 calories for 2 cups, where regular pasta is 420 calories for 2 cups! They are so so so good. And low in carbs only 6gms for the whole bag, but only 2 countable grams cause they are 4gms of fiber! I mainly watch the calories though, but still these are just good for any body. And yum! I will never go back to any other fettuccine, they come in fettuccine and spaghetti. I have been so enamored with the fettuccine, I haven't tried the spaghetti ones yet! lol

Like I have said in the past, I will try to get back here more often!

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