July 17, 2004

We are home. We had a great vacation. Then we went to the convention in Richard, Va. It was great! Vince's uncle did the talk for a new release. It was just a wonderful, wonderful convention. Our friends Sherri and Amber were in the drama too, so that was a added bonus that was neat!

I can't wait to get pics up. We have a new member to the family a bunny rabbit, named Strawberry Shortcake. She's the cutest. I will post her website soon. And some new pics of her also.

I'm working on getting my kitchen all decorated and nice. I will probably have pics up soon of it. Can't wait. It should be done in at the most 2 weeks. Then it's off to getting the hallways done! lol Then the living room, then the bathroom, then our bed room. The pantry is still staying nice, so that's a accomplishment!

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