December 23, 2002

Oh my over a month since I posted. I need to redo my layout. Awe well. I am just going to post any way. lol

Well, I've been cleaning my house really well. I started the and it's been a great help. So far today I've done 2-15 minute rounds of decluttering the bedroom. LOL It still needs about 50 more of those. lol Naw it does need a lot though. I will try to do at least one more 15 minute spree today. It won't be perfect this week. But, maybe it will be a lot better. We have a apt inspection coming up and I'm scared of that. EEK.

Any way, my mom came and visited in November. And helped a lot. But, now I need to finish up. :)

Vince had the chicken pox. And this is his first day back to work in 2 weeks!

I've got all the thank you boxes for my anniversary party printed out. 10 put together, and 6 more cut out. I need to cut out 8 more. And put them all together. That's 15 more boxes. I got all my nut cups put together. I just got to buy the nuts. While doing my fly lady stuff on the Kitchen week I found m&m's in the freezer for my nut cups. They are from Valentines last year. But, been in the freezer since then. So I think they will be just fine. I will taste test first to make sure though. I also got all my mints done-this time though I put them in cool whip/butter/cottage cheese containers instead of my good tupper ware, so it doesn't get left behind and if it gets thrown out it's no big deal. All I have left is doing the invitations, and thank you cards. And getting the invitations sent out.

I am also having a dinner party on March 2nd. I already have every thing all planned out for months in advance. :) I have one invitation I might use already made up. But, I think I will make a different one.

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