December 27, 2002

I put together 3 more boxes today. But, now I'm out of glue. I guess until I can get to the store. I will just fold the boxes, so they will be easier to glue together when I actually get my glue.

It's late. I'm going to do mile source soon. Then go to bed. I haven't been getting to sleep till very very late. 4 am or later. And that has me out of whack. I need to start my early sleeping schedule again.

Oh and we got a load of laundry done too. I can do more tomorrow when I have change. I just washed some today and hung them in the apt to dry. I'm kind of behind in laundry. But, I think I should be caught up in no time. Been putting away the summer clothes as much as possible. And still unpacking the winter. But, it's coming along.

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