November 6, 2002

I've decided to give my self a second anniversary party. Really small. So far only 18 people are on the invitation list. And of those 18, I think only about 13 will probably come. Some are sick, some are old, and others have memory problems.

But, I'm doing stuff now for the party. I'm making nut cups EARLY. lol I actually had enough done for my parents party, but didn't think I did. But so few came, if I would have brought them, they would have been enough. But, I have 10 of 25 I am making done for mine. And then I am going to make thank you boxes, and my own mints of course. I want to make chocolate covered mice like I did for my wedding too as thank you favors. :) I don't know exactly what else I'm doing yet though. Probably just keep things very low key.

Any way, still addicted to literati. :) And having fun doing some crafts again.

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