November 10, 2002

I'll start off just for documentation sake, Friday Vince and I got new meeting coats. Then Vince's mother introduced us to a new restaurant, called The Spare Rib. It was GREAT. I had a whole lobster, and BBQ ribs, creamed spinach, great corn bread and bbq potatoes. All for 14.00! Oh yeah and half a onion loaf, YUM.

Now, for my totally totally totally AWESOME day.

It started out at noon, when I went to Port Authority to meet my great friend and bosom buddy when it comes to our thoughts and feelings Jaquelyn Mooney Hues, who just so happens to be a quilter to the stars, like Oprah and Bryant Gumble, Mariah Carey etc. When I finally made it to the car with her, there was another friend waiting for us Gwen, and her daughter, Catrana. Then we headed for Jaquelyn's show casing and poem reading/history education she had been hired to do in Harlem (Manhattan). As soon as we walked in, I said this place is money! (whispering to Jaquelyn and Gwen.) It was a gorgeous older home in Harlem. Wonderful antique furniture, and art work. I was having a great time mingling and talking to many people. And eating great hors' dourves, steak dianne, cabbage rolls, stuffed mushrooms, prosciutto stuffed with hollandaise sauce and asparagus, olives, grapes, and great crab dip. And a nice glass of red wine.

Gwen and I had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing for quite some time. At the end Jaquleyn presented Vince and I with a belated wedding gift of a beautiful quilt. She hadn't got to make the broom for our wedding and come to our wedding cause of scheduling.

After about 3 hours, we were finished with the show casing, mingling, education and wonderful poem readings. etc. And we headed for food! lol We went to Fridays. While we were there, and Gwen and I was discussing our witnessing. Jaquelyn let us in on just who we were witnessing to, the Vise President of AT&T, and the executive of HBO. Quite awesome. And I don't think my feet are on the ground yet. lol

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