May 3, 2015

Dr. DooLela!

When we got home from meeting, there were three ducks in our yard, two boys and a girl. They were chasing the girl and making all kinds of ruckus all over our yard, round and round in circles. Lela is like what are they doing. And I said, the two boy ducks are chasing the girl duck. Then she spoke for the girl duck-get away from me you freak! lol (right as the girl duck, turned to one of the boys and started quacking all kinds of things! lol). Then that boy did go away. And Lela was like, bye you freak! And then it was her and the one boy. They actually came right up to Lela and were quacking all kinds of things to her too! I never seen mallards come up to humans like that. Like I mean right up by her, looking right at her and talking! lol It was funny!

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