September 4, 2013

Fall is upon us . . .

Well fall is upon us, I put out all my fall decor. On time! lol Took down my spring/summer decor and stored it away. It's still hot here though, but hopefully it will cool down soon. At least we had a very very mild summer.

RJ and Belle "sharing" the skates.
The kids have been having a ball playing with their roller skates I bought at the city wide garage sale last month. The roll all over the kitchen and drive way with them. Now I have to get more pairs. they try to share the one pair but either that results in fights, or disasters of one skate per a child...haha But, at least they have a lot of fun with them. I'm on the look out though for more pairs of skates. I am already itching for next years citywide garage sale.

We are loving the stereo I bought too. And the new song the society added to the website has become this months school son, but big request from the children. It is so nice that they are giving the children so much personal attention. I can tell this will really help this generation of children make the truth their own, and develop a true love and knowledge of Jehovah and his will. My kids sure are loving it. And I am sure many more children are too. We even use it to help us learn other languages, by listening to and singing the songs in the other languages that are also posted on the site.

School is going awesome for Lela, Belle, and RJ. I love it. And I am pretty sure they do too. I really like a free calendar curriculum that I downloaded and printed for Lela. It's teaching her things really well that she would have in grade one any way, but in her curriculum from school it only goes over these things for a day or two. This way we do it every day and she's really learning it well. We also started in a daily Bible reading curriculum that's been a lot of fun. And I am developing my own virtues curriculum I hope to add in soon too. We have a field trip on Friday, Snow cones and painting in the park!   

Uncle Doug, RJ, and I.
My mom's little brother is not doing well at all, and had terminal cancer. Although he is beating the time they gave him to live. He's not doing too well. I am hoping we can visit him a little more often though. RJ looks so much like him in his little boy pictures. I wish I had some of Uncle Doug's childhood pictures so I could show people. We took my double second cousin Debbie to visit him the other weekend. And he was so happy to see her, and her him as well.

A few weeks ago he asked for a book for people to sign who came and visited him and I gave him one. People are signing really nice things in it. Some taking up whole pages of notes to him. So that is really making him feel good.


Audrey said...

I followed you over here from Pattern Review. The pic of your little one caught my eye. I'm the mom of three biracial kiddos (grown,probably your age!). I used to live in Kansas but I moved after they grew up and left home. I've been widowed for 16 years. Love your blog--nice to meet you.

Ruthie said...

I just recently found your blog and I'm loving it. I used to live in Kansas--raised my three children there, homeschooled them, and so on. My kids are around your age. I, too, was interracially married. I lost my dh 16 years ago. Love to you and yours. You have a beautiful family.

Talulah said...

Hey Heather, it's Lisa (Nosinbk). I was wondering how you were and found your blog. Wow, 3 kids :D You've been blessed. You should write some more :) Tell Vincent I said hi!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Hey Lisa! Great to see you! Are you on Facebook?

Talulah said...

Yep, email me at my yahoo mail under Nosinbk and I'll give you the info to add me. I recently found FlynSquirell. Not sure if you remember him. He was 14 back in AOL chat. He's 30 now! I can't believe it.