January 22, 2013

Glory School Days. . .

Whew, been busy!

EVERY one in my family has been sick. Just over and over again. ARG!

Me at my Aunt Gerry's 1976.
My aunt that I was super close to as a child died last week. She and I looked a lot alike. In some ways Lela looks like she did as a child as well. Her and I even had the same birth mark in the same exact spot. A lot of ironies between us. Funny it's the same for Belle and my sister Amber, they have the exact same scars, etc on their faces. She used to always com and get me and I would stay many weekends at her home. And summers in Alabama with her as well. She loved antiquing and entertaining. And....she was my first introduction to JoAnna Lund! A real life changer for me and my diabetes. I can't wait to see her again, when she will be healthy. She was the second of my mom's siblings to die. It's really shook her up. She has one sister and one brother left...that's it.

RJ's desk and new dollhouse bookcase
I went thrifting weekend before last and found RJ a desk! I would like to get Belle a different desk, I got hers for free on freecycle, and it's not as nice as RJ and Lela's. BUT, for now they each have their own desk! I was also able to find a bookcase I have been wanting for Lela for 5 years! It's a dollhouse and so cute! So all that meant I had to redo the classroom so that it could fit. Well, I'm in love with my make over. I was even inspired to print new labels for all our boxes of school stuff. And now I'm going to redo my sewing drawers, which a bonus when I reconfigured the room I was able to get all my sewing drawers into the classroom which is also my sewing room! I am going to do a make over on the drawers too with scrap book paper a idea I seen on pintrest. Then I will print some more vintage labels for them as well. I just love this site I found such cute vintage images and vintage inspired labels.

New Labels
I made Lela her first lapbook last weekend as well, it was on Moses, I liked it so well I am going to design some of my own. I want to make one on all the books of the Bible, paradise, and so many more. Lela put in a request for one on Jonah, her favorite Bible person! haha A sister already sent me a Jonah worksheet as a jumping off starter for the Jonah lapbook. So far it's a whole lot of fun. Kind of like scrapbooking but doesn't have to be as perfect. So it's working out even better for me. However, it has pushed me to buy more scrapbooking supplies, like cutters and such. Man these new paper cutting systems makes it so much easier to cut things to look so nice. I used them in cutting the new labels for our boxes too, and will use them for cutting the scrapbook paper for my drawer makeover as well. I was looking online at other lapbooks for ideas, when I seen another classroom that was so cute, now I know exactly the direction I want to go with ours. I have things in my ikea cart right now! Can't wait for our income tax return to come so I can get the stuff, and really bling the classroom out. haha.  I want shelves in the closet too! And I think I will have Vince take the closet doors off and spray paint them with chalk board paint too. Then I seen these renovations of old school desk that I just have to do. Glitter spray paint the metal, and make cute little fabric covers for the seat and backs, I want to make the pocket backs so they can put little treasures in them too. Oh so much stuff I want to do. But, it's fun!


Audrey said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickness and the death of your aunt. Sounds like you've had a rough time lately. We don't have a schoolroom. My 14-year old is the only child left at home. He mostly works at my huband's desk in our office, but sometimes brings the laptop to the sofa in the living room. If I had more younger and/or more children, I would love a schoolroom. Love the desks! My sister and I had some of those when we were growing up. We went to public school, but we liked to "play school" for fun and we used our desks a lot. :)

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks! And neat about you and your sister. I just love the desks! haha I can't wait to spray paint them and pretty them up with seat covers!