February 10, 2005

I know this is a silly thing to be happy about. But, I just can't hold it in! I love JoAnna Lund recipes, as many of you probably know. I am such a collector! Well, I have her newsletters from 1999-2005. Yesterday some one was offering 1992 (which was the very first year, including the very first newsletter) thru 1998! Can you believe it? Only those years. The only ones I don't have! And I won! I got them! Oh happy days! I can't wait till they get here. I could barely sleep! lol haha Awe... my collection is complete! lol I still have a few books, and booklets, and flyers, and such to get. But, as for the newsletters, it's complete. And I can't wait to try some more recipes! lol

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