January 8, 2005

Yesterday we went to Bethel. There is a brand new tour of the hotel, on 90 Sands. It's really neat. They always took you over there during the printing tour, but not as a detailed of a tour of it as yesterday. It was really neat. We seen a Bethelite room, the library, family room, commissary, and just so much. It was really neat. Then we had lunch there. Boy was the food great! We had turkey, that was so juicey and tasty, it was the best I had ever had. Mashed potatoes, wonderful gravy, cranberry sauce, broccoli, salad, whole wheat bread, and to top it all off, home made cherries and cream swirl ice cream, that was delish. (I just had two spoonfuls. MMMMM) I will post a picture later. It came out horrible, cause it was so windy out, my hair was a mess, and I was smiling very oddly! hahaha

Any way I am beginning to like my hair more. I think I will keep it, cause it's very simple and easy to fix, and maintain. So I will be going back and having it maintained I guess. I am starting to like it a lot better. Even the UPS guy noticed it and the mail man and they both like it too. lol I never had the UPS guy and mail man comment on my hair before! lol haha

The problem at first is I thought it made me look a lot older, and boyish. But, now it's just looking more mature I think. And better. It's been hard for me to see myself as a adult. I still feel like a kid most the time. I guess the new do kind of helps me see myself more like a adult too.

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