February 26, 2003

Sorry didn't come here for a while again. I'm trying to get better again. lol Any way Monday night was our first 2 month oral review. It was neat. I like it better then a 6 month review where I forget so much in that time period. It was kind of funny though. Cause the brother said ok we are doing a new format tonight. We will have a oral review instead of written. Ok get started. And then he walked off the stage. I just looked at him and thought, hmmmm am I wrong in what oral review could mean? lol Then he got back on stage and said, oops sorry, I can't believe I did that. lol Uh I guess I have to be up here to get started. lol Our examples on how to present the mags was also hilarious. lol We have a brother who used to be a news caster in our congregation. Well, news casters are used to having every thing wrote out word for word for them. So he is that kind of guy. He and his wife get up there, and she gets to the donation part. And he just looks at her. (apparently forgot his lines.) So then she says, so are you going to give me a donation or what? lol It was a funny night. I am not making fun of these brothers. It just helps me not be so scared to make a mistake, when I see every one does. And it lightens the mood I think.

Any way, haven't done a whole lot more. Except go to Costco where the crowd was CRAZY!

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