February 28, 2002

Again I have another project. My husband and I live in the 2nd largest co-op in the world. We have a senior citizen gazebo that needs beautifying. So I was put on the gazebo beautification committee. The main problem I see with it, is the layout of the benches is all wrong. And it does need new flowers, that are perennial and not annual so we are not using the maintenance men so much for over time in planting all this stuff, every spring. I think it will be fun to pick out new flowers, I love doing that, but not the planting part. lol Physically I am just unable to do that planting part actually. But, I wish I could because I do just love flowers and vegetation.

I hope to have this project done this year. I have a personal stake in it, as I would like to use it for my in laws anniversary party. And I think other get togethers with our book study and things would be fun there.

But, we also want to add bathrooms. So we will see how much money they will allow for this beautification and what I can do.

Today I should also be getting the pc program I asked my mom to send, yea!

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